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Efficient Forms

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These are all statements we have heard at one time or another in our business.  While some of these might be valid reasons as to why you have not received paperwork, we all know the flow on effect of documentation that is late or lost.  Each day you don't have information, is potentially another day you cannot invoice and another day your cash flow is effected.

Even if you put the above example to the side, you know every hour that you have your sales staff or technical personnel out in the field, is potentially another sales call missed or another hour that you cannot charge out.

There is a solution though;  Digital Forms.  

The solution we proivide can :

  • Create digital versions of your paper forms
  • Capture client signatures
  • Insert images or sound files in your form
  • Perform in-form calculations
  • Include drop down boxes or pick lists
  • Have required fields
  • E-mail directly on completion
  • Off-line data capture
  • Assign pre-completed forms to field staff
  • Australian hosted cloud
  • Fully enrypted admin portal (optional)
  • Customised reports (optional)
But best of all, it is fully scalable!
Example industries in which Efficient Forms can be used are Sales Organisations, Service Companies, Survey Companies, Asset Management Companies and pretty much any company that uses a paper form!
A secure encrypted administration portal can allow you to see your data and either send it to your customer, distribute it internally or just keep track of data.  Reports can be created to match your paper forms to make a neat and professional digital version for you to send out.  No more trying to read handwriting!
Efficient Foundations has provided solutions that have included digital versions of:
  • Service sheets
  • Time sheets
  • Quote sheets
  • Order forms
  • Inspection forms
  • Asset survey forms
  • Sales forms
  • OH&S forms
  • And many more....

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