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Form Console

With our system you have the option to use our cloud admin console to manage your data collected from your Efficient Forms.

From the console your office can create new forms that are pre-popluated with the relevant data that your field staff requires.  It can then be pushed out to the relevant staff member's iPad for completion.  Through the built in status system you can see when forms have been completed and returned for invoicing or further actions.  

Front Page

Another example of the use of the Admin Console is digital timesheets.  Many customers integrate their field staff's timesheets into their service, survey or quote forms.  Then they utilise the console panel  to generate the time sheets for payroll.  

 Time Sheet
The Form Console can :

  • View data in a format that is similar to your old paper layout
  • Print quotes or service sheet in a nice clean branded format
  • E-mail quotes, service sheets, time sheets or any other form you want.
  • Duplicate recurring forms
  • Re-assign or return forms that need further action
  • Manage forms (delete, edit)
  • Filter live data
  • Change status  (ie Needs QA, Needs Invoicing, Completed)
  • Manipulate data to reflect in reporting dashboard

It is just another aspect of the suite of solutions to give you to allow data to flow through your business! Improve cashflow, staff efficiency and reduct wasted hours.

Have questions?  Just Contact Us and we'll be happy to to talk to you about it in more detail.